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Concrete pump hydraulic oil replacement steps
Under the condition of normal use of concrete pump oil change period is one year to a year and a half.This cycle is not absolute, should also be adjusted according to actual usage;Such as using the environment and the status of the temperature, working hours, machinery, etc.Can generally be combined with regular maintenance repairing concrete pump in oil, the new factory or after the big repair ZouGe expires, secondary maintenance for the first time in oil, oil change after can be in three levels of maintenance.General should be thoroughly in pumping about 15000 m3 oil change once, and clean up fuel tank.
(1) check the original hydraulic oil to the system, the general oil should be transparent color with pale yellow, cloudy or emulsion, understand its pollution degree of metamorphism, and then put the net.
(2) as the original oil dirty, should use kerosene cleaning system after release, work with oil or the low viscosity of naphthenic base oil (50 ℃ kinematic viscosity 10 ~ 20 mm stoke) cleaning.When cleaning operation to make the pump clearance, and the engine.Oil pump use coarser oil suction filter (filtration precision with 80 mesh/inch), after cleaning up the change the original design of the filter.Don't use cotton yarn or cotton cloth to wipe clean fuel tank.Net can be put in clean with washing oil circulation after the tank with compressed air blowing off.
(3) to check new oil brand, quality first, must not use other brand, more can not be used two kinds of brands.
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